Color Changing Candles

The Rainbow Color Changing Candle utilizes the latest micro-electric technology to achieve an effect never seen before. Once lit, the candle continuously changes colors from purple to blue to green to red and back to purple again.

A gift great for all occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and holidays, etc.

The power source is an environmentally friendly lithium battery (included) with a life span of up to twenty hours.

The candle is made from purified paraffin wax, with no recycled materials added.

The Rainbow Color Changing Candle is recyclable and is also deemed environmentally safe by ASTM International

How the Rainbow Color Changing Candle Works:

When the candle is lit, an L.E.D. chip encased at the base of the candle is signaled by a fiber optic sensor. The L.E.D. chip is programmed to continuously change colors every few seconds. The chip is powered by two environment friendly Lithium batteries.

Directions for Safe and Enjoyable use:

1. Remove your Rainbow Candle from its box (save box for storage of candle
    when not in use).
2. Remove all packing materials from around the Rainbow Candle before
    lighting it.
3. Place your Rainbow Color Changing Candle on a flat, heat resistant
    surface. Keep the candle away from walls, drapes shades, other
    flammable materials and drafts.)
4. Straighten the wick and light your Rainbow Color Changing Candle with a
    long taper or match.
5. For first time use, burn the candle for at least 1-2 hours to maximize candle
6. Never burn your Rainbow Candle for more than 3 hours at any one time.
7. Stop using your Rainbow Color Changing Candle when there is less than
    one half inch of the candle's wax remaining.
8. The candle's wick should be approximately one fifth of an inch long. If
    smoking occurs or if there are soot deposits, extinguish the candle and trim
    the wick to one fifth one an inch length. Do not allow wick trimmings or burnt
    matches to accumulate in melting wax pool.

When you are done burning your Rainbow Color Changing Candle please follow these instructions for proper storage and future usage.

1. Make sure the Rainbow Color Changing Candle is completely extinguished
    and the wax has hardened before storing it.
2. The Rainbow Color Changing Candle contains a highly sensitive lighting
    mechanism inside its base. This mechanism can be activated by bright
    sunlight, fluorescent or incandescent light sources. Therefore, the candle
    should be stored in a dark, cool place to preserve maximum lighting power
    for future use.