• Built to last outdoor Drone
  • Size length 24.8’’ (63cm)
  • Flight time up to 8 minutes
  • Travel distance air 250’ (76.2 meters)
  • Travel distance water 200’ (60.96 meters)
  • Travel distance ground 250’ (76.2 meters)
  • Charge time up to 120 minutes
  • High density EPP Body
  • Fly up/down, forward/backward, turn right/left, strafe right/left
  • Remote has a built in LCD screen, helps pilot with trim control, speed settings, throttle display, signal and battery life
  • Fine Tuning… Calibration Trim Control
  • Aircraft Carrier comes with 1,200mAh/ 7.4 V Li-Poly Rechargeable Battery
  • Built in LED lights ideal for night flights
  • Charge aircraft carrier battery with AC adaptor (included)
  • Race up to 4 aircrafts carriers at one time
  • 4 GHz remote control (provides faster response time)
  • Remote requires 6 AA’ Batteries (not included)
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Z-Up Drone

This crash resistant HOBBY GRADE  Z-UP  flying aircraft carrier is truly a sight to see. This 24.8” craft amazingly covers land, water, and air! At the push of a button you’ll watch as the rear blades tilt down as the unit ascends. Another push of a button allows the blades to tilt up as the craft takes off from the ground or water. With a travel distance of up to 200 feet, luminous front and rear lights, and an impressive range of motion, you’ll be assured the Z-UP is the real thing!

Product Features:

  • Flies forward and backward, up and down, hovers, turns right and left, strafes right and left, auto tilt up
  • Crash resistant
  • Operate up to 4 at one time!
  • Land-Water-Air
  • Flight time: Up to 8 minutes
  • Flight/travel distance: Up to 250 feet in the air, 200 feet on the water, and 250 feet on land.
  • Charge time: Up to 120 minutes
  • Built-in LED lights
  • 4 Hz digital remote control with 4 channels and built-in LCD screen
  • Outdoor use only



  • Length:   8”
  • Width:    6”
  • Height:   2”
  • Weight:  39 oz.

Battery Requirements:

  • Rechargeable built-in 1200 mAh 7.4V Li-Poly Battery and, AC Adapter (included)
  • Requires 6 ‘AA’ alkaline batteries (not included)

FAA registration requirement:

  • As rules and regulations are constantly changing please visit the FAA to learn more.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 31 x 21 x 9 in


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